By using the website visasusa.org and the pages on this "site", you agree to stick to and abide by the general terms and conditions referred to as "our conditions" and agree to comply with applicable laws and regulations. References to "you" and "your" refer to each individual who completes an application, either the individual in question or another individual acting on their behalf, referred to as "applicant." References to "we" and "our" refer to visasusa.org.

Benefits of the online application service

General Information

The following information requirements provided by the client are recorded as personal information in the secure database of this website: name, place of birth, date of birth, passport number, expiration date, date of issue and type of supporting document, email address, postal address, telephone number, connection log, IP address information, cookies and payment records. For more information regarding this section, visit our privacy policy.

The applicant must never: provide erroneous or false information; omit information that is required during the online application form; or be deemed inappropriate to complete the application process that may not meet the eligibility requirements or otherwise ignore or change the registration procedures. If this or in its different variables occurs, visasusa.org reserves the right to cancel and delete the information data of the applicant.

Use of our website

The website of visasusa.org as well as any of its related services is only applicable to personal use. visasusa.org is a private entity and has no affiliation with the Government of: country. On the other hand, users of this website will respect its ownership, and will not reuse, copy, change or download any part or all of it for commercial use.

Service Content

The applicant agrees with the conditions set here. The methods related to the conditions of supply of this website are defined only by visasusa.org. Please note that we reserve the right to regularly update these conditions and the content of the website. These modifications will be effective immediately. If you decide to consult this web page again, it is your obligation to check all kinds of modifications to these conditions. Each time you access this website, you are expressly agreeing to be subject to these conditions.

Our service

Our job is to process online applications to obtain visas and other travel documents. We use our own service in which we inform, collect information and present it on behalf of the applicant to the corresponding authorities or agencies. It is clear from this moment, that by serving you, you become our client and therefore the established conditions will apply. Our responsibility and purpose is limited in the reception, management, support and support in the processing of visas and travel documents and does not reach decisions of the corresponding government authority in relation to the final result of your application.

At the moment you send us your request and it is accepted, you will receive an email in which we will notify you of this acceptance. Given the characteristics of the order, it will be carried out as soon as possible. The request, processing and obtaining a visa is a completely personalized service for the client. From this precise moment the hiring between you and us is formalized, being a legal, in force, valid and binding business.

Our service consists of processing travel documents and visas online, being used to request and process the electronic Visa for foreign and national citizens. Our team of agents will assist in the processing of the Government Travel Authorization. Our exclusive services include, among others; a detailed review of all the answers provided, the translation of the information, the assistance during the preparation of the form, the completeness check of the complete document, and the grammar review.

Government authorities are authorized to request, if necessary, additional documentation that we will request from you. This documentation may depend on several factors that do not depend on our company, and that in our work as managers we will request you as a client. You agree to send us such additional documentation in order to complete your visa in the time stipulated by the government. Otherwise, your application will expire, by omission of your obligations as a customer, canceling the application without the possibility of any refund of the amount paid since there is no error, omission or fault attributable to our company.

Our job will be, to the extent possible, to provide you with accurate and clear information to ensure you obtain your visa, in a timely manner. You should keep in mind that the criteria are general and variable, depending on the relevant authority that may change the requirements. Our job will be to promptly inform you of the changes that may occur.

Obtaining a visa only depends on the authority in charge of this function, so we cannot guarantee in any case that it is issued in a positive and timely manner, so the fees paid to our company are for the processing, management and support, never as a visa issuer.


The concept of fees includes both charges for our service, those charged by the competent authority, courier service if necessary, and that are satisfied by the customer. Our company fees are non-refundable, as are payments made on your behalf to the authorities.

The cost of the management service is 65 EUR, which will be charged upon acceptance of your request and will never be refundable.

In the event that your visa was rejected by the corresponding government authorities, visasusa.org undertakes the full and complete refund of the fees paid. In no case would the fees charged by our management be paid, and any other request is also excluded.

Before making the travel authorization payment, you will have the opportunity to review all the details you have provided on your screen and make the relevant changes if necessary. If you have made a mistake, it is important that you correct it before proceeding. Once you have confirmed the details, you will be required to proceed with the payment.

By contracting our services you are accepting this policy of terms and conditions and agreeing to be linked to visasusa.org, which is assuming a series of administrative responsibilities and is responsible as the financial institution that processes the payments of the applicant that passes through our platform, including taxes , compliance risk, billing, reimbursement requests or any other dispute. The records trader ensures that all digital transactions are encrypted and protected through high-tech and physical security firewalls, handled accurately and in full compliance with the Regulations of the Law.

Refund policy

Once a visa application or travel document is accepted, you receive an email that formalizes the contract, which will therefore become a valid, in force and binding legal business between the parties, so we will become your provider and you our customer.

In the event that your visa is denied by the government authorities, you will receive from us a total and full refund of the fees paid to the government, you will never receive a payment corresponding to our management and processing fees, excluding any other request for return.If you need a return of an order that has already been accepted and processed, please contact us through our contact form to weigh the particularity of your case and the possible return of your satisfied amount.

The estimated response time to your request will be a maximum of 72 hours.

We want to inform you that, due to the urgent and personalized nature of the requests, we will begin to process and manage your order within a maximum period of 24 hours. The applicant expressly accepts and authorizes their order, which, being personalized and urgent, cannot benefit from any type of withdrawal or cancellation period.

Limitation of liability

The authority issuing the documents will be the one who makes the decision in relation to the application submitted. As we have noted above, additional documentation may be required for visa processing. In turn, the authority may reject with or without grounds any request. We do not issue visas or travel documents, so we cannot guarantee their obtaining. That is why we recommend making the acquisitions with sufficient time, as well as postponing the purchase of tickets or counterparts, until obtaining the visa, we are not responsible in any case for the expenses related to them.

Our work and for which we will strive in every way, is to process the requests requested by the client. At no time will we be responsible for possible delays, justified or not, by government authorities in accepting them. Nor will we be responsible for possible extraordinary expenses that may arise from the management.

visasusa.org will carry out the appropriate procedures to obtain its visa or other document, always completed under the instructions given by the client in the questionnaires filled out and presented in the application. Any error, omission or lack of contractual good faith shall not apply to visasusa.org under any circumstances.

Ultimately, the client must take into account that the denial of entry to a person by customs / immigration authorities is possible even if they are in possession of the appropriate documents since it is them who have the last word.

Disputes that may arise from this agreement will be governed by Spanish law and by accepting it, it is agreed to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in Barcelona.

We will not be partially or fully responsible for errors, omissions or delays in relation to necessary third parties, such as transport or logistics companies, for personal delivery at home of the requested documentation. In the event of any inconvenience or delay, the applicant must resolve the disputes directly with the third party, since our job is to process and send what is requested to the best of our ability and never responding to third parties outside of us.